Domaine de la Rouletière, vins Jean-Marc Gilet, Vins Vouvray

Dates des salons des Vignerons Indépendants

Mon, 22/06/2015 - 08:56

- Lyon : du 26 au 30 octobre 2017
- Lille : du 17 au 20 novembre 2017
- Paris porte de Versailles : du 30 novembre au 4 décembre 2017
- Bordeaux : du 2 au 4 mars 2018
- Paris Champerret : du 23 au 26 mars 2018

To welcome in the summer, a little reminder for the aperitif!

Thu, 20/06/2013 - 01:13

Sparkling Brut and Demi- sec, always a festive choice!
The Brut Extra with its fine bubbles is becoming the favourite for more and more amateurs.
The Sec 2011 and the Demi- Sec 2010, to be enjoyed without moderation!
The Sec Patrimoine 2008, a wonderful match for shellfish and fish.
The Moelleux 2009 and the Trie 2005 are present at all festive occasions, to be savoured with delicate dishes.
The Tardive will excite your tastebuds for all grand occasions.

My concern!

Thu, 20/06/2013 - 01:12

I am working on a very personal project, one that I have felt very strongly about since the beginning of my career. I would like to shift towards organic production. Respect of the environment is my top priority and a key value. This long and ambitious approach will require the investment of much time and money. The project should be completed in three years time.