Domaine de la Rouletière, vins Jean-Marc Gilet, Vins Vouvray


La Rouletière was born in 1914 on the land acquired in the small village of Parçay-Meslay. François Gaillard, a professional cooper and his wife Aimée Duchamp, daughter of a Parçay-Meslay wine grower, took over the 2 hectares of vines and 20 hectares of cereal farm land. François Gaillard grew the business by acquiring a cellar and a barn to store his grafts and plants.
As early as 1937, the family regularly won awards for the quality of its Vins Blancs Tranquilles (still white wines), and they took part in the Tours, Touraine regional competitions and in the National Agriculture Show in Paris.
In April 1939, their daughter Geneviève Gaillard married Gustave Gilet, the youngest son of a Parçay-Meslay winegrower, Ernest Gilet. In 1946, their eldest son Gérard was born, and in 1951 their youngest son, Bernard increased the size of the family. They all worked at the Domain.
In 1954, the cellar grew to two levels! The Gilet family acquired many new vines, mainly in the village of Rochecorbon.
In 1959, the Gilet family created the village’s first ever Methode Tradionnelle Vintage: it was a great success, consolidating the selection of white wines.

In 1990, the Domaine acquired an automated labelling production line to label the entire wine range.
In 2003, Jean-Marc Gilet, Gérard’s son, took over the Domaine de la Rouletière.
The same year, as a result of the dry weather and the quality vintage, he created the new vintage: “La Tardive”, a sweet wine aged in oak barrels.
In 2008, after 18 months of aging in the cellars, he launched the “Brut Extra”, a traditional method characterized by extremely fine sparkle and it’s micro-dosing. In its first year, the “Brut Extra” won an award at the Loire Valley Wine show in 2009.
Today, Jean-Marc, true to the family spirit, continues to make the Domaine de la Rouletière prosper.