Domaine de la Rouletière, vins Jean-Marc Gilet, Vins Vouvray


Our appellation contrôlée VOUVRAY wines are harvested with the greatest respect, in true wine-grower tradition and with several selections. As they mature, different ranges are obtained: tranquille (still) and Methodé Traditionelle (sparkling).

The Domaine de la Rouletière produces 15 000 bottles of Vouvray Nature (still) and 60 000 bottles of Vouvray Méthode Traditionnelle (sparkling) per year.
The entire vinification process is carried out on the property, and the wines are stored in the cellar to preserve the quality of our production. After several years of rest in our “freestone” cellar, our wines reach maturity thanks to modern vinification equipment combined with subtle blending.
The Pineau de la Loire or Chenin Blanc is the Touraine leading grape and more importantly, the only grape used in the Vouvray appellation. The Chenin Blanc grape matures quite late. It is recognizable by its heavy and tightly packed bunches, basking in the sun until they sometimes can be mistaken for currents.
The temperate climate is perfect for gentle maturing, giving Vouvray the perfect balance and an aging potential of several decades.
The dessert wine is golden in colour. It is luxuriant, fruity and cool. The dry wine is rich and intense, as is the medium-dry wine. Our still wines are dry, medium-dry or sweet in the better years. Our dessert wines are the result of late harvests, sorted and selected.
The best Vouvrays, including the dry wines, are suited to longevity, thanks to their acid structure, and are practically indestructible.

Our sparkling wines undergo a minimum aging process of 18 months on racks that is necessary for their development.